PRO 2 seat door install instructions

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Here is the install video where we walk you through how to install our TMW Pro 2 seat doors. 


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PRO XP TMW Grill install instructions

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Watch video for full instructions.

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Sidewinder 2 door instruction

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Hardware included in Kit:


26 - 1/4-20 x 1/2" Button Head Socket Head, Stainless

30 - 1/4-20 Nyloc Nuts, Stainless

4 - 1/4-20 x 3/4" Button Head Socket Head, Stainless

4 - 6mm x 1.0 x 20mm Button Head Socket Head, Stainless

4 - 6mm Flat Washers, Stainless

2 - 5/16-18 x 1" Hex Head Bolt, Zinc

2 - 5/16-18 Nyloc, Zinc

4 - 5/16 Flatwasher, Zinc

4 - Nylon Door Hinge Washers

2 - Nylon Door Limiter Strap

2 – Door End Caps


Installation instructions


  • Begin by removing seats, factory doors, and factory latches
  • Install small rear door frame piece and reuse upper b-pillar bolts, leave loose
  • Install bottom 5/16-18 x 1” bolt, washers, and nyloc nut on small rear door frame, leave loose.
  • Install brass washers on hinge pin
  • Lubricate door pin with anti-seize(if not lubricated properly door can seize)
  • Install large door frame onto hinges on the small rear door frame piece
  • Install factory door latch onto new door frame, snug but do not tighten yet.
  • Adjust door frame so top of tube up by latch is even with the front plastic and tighten rear bolts at b-pillar and lower bolt on small door frame piece.
  • Adjust latch to hit striker smoothly so door latch does not catch or bind. (you may need to loosen the 2 bolts on factory striker  and adjust to achieve proper latch alignment )
  • Install door skins on both door frames. Make sure that top 2 bolt holes at hinge point use the longer ¼-20 x ¾” stainless button heads, and that you install the nylon door limiter straps at this location.
  • Double check all bolts are tight 

NOTE: Driving off road is dangerous No warranty or representation is made to this product’s ability to protect the user from injury or death The user assumes that risk..


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How to install TMW BED COVER

(Note) Please check with TMW sales rep to make sure the TMW BED COVER will work for your application. These bed covers are designed to work with TMW Roll Cages using it with any other Roll Cage may cause fitment issues.

**If installing on speed cage you will need to use Z brackets to mount shock reservoir. You will also need shorter style side vents in on 2017 and newer cars.**

Step 1.) relocate your shock reservoirs. remove them from the roll cage and relocate them under the bed. we usually mount them on the main tube that rises vertically and connects to the roll cage. this is much easier to do before you install the roll cage. see photo A

Step 2.) Install the rear bed cover spacers. These mount in to the factory Polaris RZR flag mount area bolt comes up from the bottom through the first flat washers then threads into the spacer. another 1/4" flat washer is also used onto of the spacer between the bed cover and spacer. see photo B

Step 3.) the becover come assembled with lid and hinges and latches intact set bedcover down on top bed are roll cage tubes line up holes for rear bed cover spacers and install the 2 1/4" stainless blots

Step 4.) Now that the bed cover is aligned and in position locate the front mounting holes. use holes to mark location with sharpie on the roll cage tubes. remove the bed cover and drill the holes and install 1/4" nut certs, then reinstall bed cover and tighten all bolts up.

Step 5.) Install the support plates on the front edge of bed cover as shown. see photo D.

Step 6.) Enjoy you the new look and function of your ride.

Trunk installed

Trunk Installed

Image A

Image A
Image B
Image B
Image C
Image C
Image D
Image D
Lid shocks installed
Lid Shock installed

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TMW ST2 door Instructions


Step 2.) Remove your Factory latch from your old door frame (SAVE LATCH AND HARDWARE THEY ARE REUSED)

Step 3.) Locate latch adjustment tab

Step4.) Install latch adjustment tab on the door frame using Latch adjustment tab hardware



STEP 7.) INSTALL HEIM JOINTS INTO REAR OF DOORS (NOTE SOME TIMEs POWDER IS BUILT UP AND NEEDS TO BE CLEARED OUT WITH A DRILL, HOLES ARE 8MM) USING Hinge Hardware Install heims with non nylock bolts and washers on both sides of the mounting tab. make sure the heims are short as possible to start adjusting.

step 8.) lay door skin on blanket and set door frame carefully on top of the door skin and align holes. using masking tape, mark tube location for foam tape install. remove frame and install foam tape on skin.

step 9.) bolt door skin to door frame using Door skin hardware

step 10.) install upper hinge mount tabs to top of upper heim using 45-5830 M8 x 1.25 x 30 in the Hinge Hardware

step 11.) prep lower hinge pin on factory frame with sand paper to make sure heim slides over pin easily.

step 12.) install doors on vehicle, while holding door frame slide lower heim on to the lower hinge mount.

step13.) latch door into place and bolt upper heim mount into position (note: there are extra nuts in the kit if the factory nuts are stripped out.

step 14.) use upper heim mount, Heim adjustments and latch adjustments to line doors up and get them working properly

step 15.) lastly use adjustment slots in the latch release lever so that it releases the latch properly (taking time to do this will make your doors much more enjoyable.) TAKE TIME TO ADJUST YOUR DOORS, BEFORE YOU TAKE TIME TO PLAY..

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Step 16.) Please make sure both doors are completely latched before driving otherwise your doors will fly open causing damage to persons or property.

Note : we do like the bottom of door frame to touch the body just before final stage of latching this keeps doors from making excess noise..

This is achieved by loosening upper hiem mount and pushing bottom of door closer to body

warning; failure to tighten hardware properly and failure to take enough time to make sure parts are adjusted and functioning before use, may result in injury or damage to vehicle. This article is sold without warranty, expressed or implied. No warranty or representation is made to this product's ability to protect the user from any injury or death. The user assumes that risk.

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Sidewinder 4 Seat Door Instructions

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TMW OFFROAD Sidewinder XP4-1000 Doors

Step 1.)

Remove factory doors and factory B pillar plastic piece.

Step 2.)

Install B pillar center section and door hinge mount. Adjust this loosely .Lightly sand pins and then Install nylon washers on hinge pins before installing doors frames.

Step 3.)

Take the strikers for the factory rear doors and switch them from left to right,

installing the driver side factory striker on the passenger rear and the passenger

side rear striker on the driver rear. We have provided new striker mounts and

button head stainless hardware.

Step 4.)

Remove door latches from factory doors and install them on the new TMW

sidewinder door frames.

Step 5.)

Slide door frames onto center hinge section. Anti-seize will be necessary on pins to prevent doors from binding or failing. Check front door and rear door

frames for alignment first. Then adjust latches and center hinge section to

achieve proper alignment.

Step 6.)

Install door skins on door frames.

Step 7.)

Install rubber bumpers into body to keep doors from rubbing against the factory


Step 8.)

Before you hit the trail, make sure all hardware is secure and latches are

functioning properly.

TMW OFF ROAD makes no claim to this product's ability to protect you or

passengers in any type of accident. The user assumes that risk! Off-roading is

dangerous, and you should always use proper safety equipment, seat belts,

helmets, etc. Remember to be safe and take time to play!

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TMW ST4 Can Am Max Door-Instructions-

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TMW ST4 Door Install Instructions

Completely assemble the rear doors and put them on the vehicle first. Then start the front doors. Use one of the one hardware kit for the rear doors and one kit for the front doors. Both hardware kits are the same

  1. Locate the driver rear door frame and door skin
  2. Set the rear door skin on a soft non-abrasive surface.
  3. Set the rear door frame on top of the skin. line up the holes (be sure not to scratch the skin with the frame).
  4. Use masking tape to mark where the door skin extends past the door Frame.
  5. Remove the door frame and install foam tape as shown.
  6. Install the rear latch bracket using carriage bolts. (This must happen before you bolt on the door skin.
  7. Install factory latches using new hardware supplied. (You will need to remove these latches from your factory doors.)
  8. Next install the heim joints. Use non- locking nuts and install into hinge bracket as far as possible to start. We need to pull rear door as far back as possible to create room for the front door.
  9. 10 Install door skin 1/4" x 12" allen head bolts. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN AND DENT THE DOOR SKIN
  10. On the rear of the door there are two 1/4" X 3/4" bolts provided that are longer for the thicker portion of the door frame.) If you have door bags. install them NOW. The bags go in-between the door frame and the door skin.
  11. Locate the upper rear hinge mounting tab and slide the lower rear heim over the factory hinge pin, Use the upper rear hinge mount to secure the door in place.
  12. Adjust doors. Take time on this part to get the door latching and working properly. Install 8mm lock nuts when finisher to secure hinges in place.
  13. Repeat steps -12 on the front doors. Use attached pictures as a guide
  14. Enjoy the jaw-dropping reaction you get from everyone when you're sporting your new TMW doors! TAKE TIME TO PLAY! 


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TMW X3 Bulk Head Gusset Kit instructions

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Watch video for full instructions

Buy the part here:

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Watch video for full instructions.

Buy the part here:

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