Sidewinder 4 Seat Door Instructions

Sidewinder 4 Seat Door Instructions

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TMW OFFROAD Sidewinder XP4-1000 Doors

Step 1.)

Remove factory doors and factory B pillar plastic piece.

Step 2.)

Install B pillar center section and door hinge mount. Adjust this loosely .Lightly sand pins and then Install nylon washers on hinge pins before installing doors frames.

Step 3.)

Take the strikers for the factory rear doors and switch them from left to right,

installing the driver side factory striker on the passenger rear and the passenger

side rear striker on the driver rear. We have provided new striker mounts and

button head stainless hardware.

Step 4.)

Remove door latches from factory doors and install them on the new TMW

sidewinder door frames.

Step 5.)

Slide door frames onto center hinge section. Anti-seize will be necessary on pins to prevent doors from binding or failing. Check front door and rear door

frames for alignment first. Then adjust latches and center hinge section to

achieve proper alignment.

Step 6.)

Install door skins on door frames.

Step 7.)

Install rubber bumpers into body to keep doors from rubbing against the factory


Step 8.)

Before you hit the trail, make sure all hardware is secure and latches are

functioning properly.

TMW OFF ROAD makes no claim to this product's ability to protect you or

passengers in any type of accident. The user assumes that risk! Off-roading is

dangerous, and you should always use proper safety equipment, seat belts,

helmets, etc. Remember to be safe and take time to play!

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