TMW ST4 Can Am Max Door-Instructions-

TMW ST4 Can Am Max Door-Instructions-

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TMW ST4 Door Install Instructions

Completely assemble the rear doors and put them on the vehicle first. Then start the front doors. Use one of the one hardware kit for the rear doors and one kit for the front doors. Both hardware kits are the same

  1. Locate the driver rear door frame and door skin
  2. Set the rear door skin on a soft non-abrasive surface.
  3. Set the rear door frame on top of the skin. line up the holes (be sure not to scratch the skin with the frame).
  4. Use masking tape to mark where the door skin extends past the door Frame.
  5. Remove the door frame and install foam tape as shown.
  6. Install the rear latch bracket using carriage bolts. (This must happen before you bolt on the door skin.
  7. Install factory latches using new hardware supplied. (You will need to remove these latches from your factory doors.)
  8. Next install the heim joints. Use non- locking nuts and install into hinge bracket as far as possible to start. We need to pull rear door as far back as possible to create room for the front door.
  9. 10 Install door skin 1/4" x 12" allen head bolts. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN AND DENT THE DOOR SKIN
  10. On the rear of the door there are two 1/4" X 3/4" bolts provided that are longer for the thicker portion of the door frame.) If you have door bags. install them NOW. The bags go in-between the door frame and the door skin.
  11. Locate the upper rear hinge mounting tab and slide the lower rear heim over the factory hinge pin, Use the upper rear hinge mount to secure the door in place.
  12. Adjust doors. Take time on this part to get the door latching and working properly. Install 8mm lock nuts when finisher to secure hinges in place.
  13. Repeat steps -12 on the front doors. Use attached pictures as a guide
  14. Enjoy the jaw-dropping reaction you get from everyone when you're sporting your new TMW doors! TAKE TIME TO PLAY! 


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