Shock Therapy Front Spring Retainer (Pair) for Polaris RZR Pro R and Polaris RZR Turbo R Models


 Shock Therapy two-piece billet spring retainers are available for the Polaris RZR Pro R and Polaris RZR Turbo R models. These retainers are available for both factory and Shock Therapy forks.

Our 2-piece design is an industry first with several key advantages:

  • Creates a press fit for Shock Therapy forks further increasing strength and resistance to any sort of side load.
  • Greatly increases strength of factory fork/shaft combo by, essentially, locking them together as 1 unit.
  • Eliminates spring retainer failures caused by spring packages that may coil bind.
  • Allows for install/removal without having to remove your front shocks.

  In addition to the 2-piece design, our Shock Therapy retainers are also 1" shorter than factory. This shorter design gives us MANY more options for spring customization while also allowing room to run Shock Therapy limit straps. 

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