A heavy-duty tie down solution designed specifically for your UTV / Side by Side

The weight of a UTV (side by side) demands a more robust tie down solution than a standard 1" utility strap can offer. Our UTV Tie Down Pack provides you with this increased holding capacity, but at a cost far lower than that of a car tie down kit.

These straps are built with the same high-quality strap material used in our premium auto straps, so you get the improved chafing and UV resistance. Plus, you get our patented Direct Hook ratchet, which makes loading and unloading your vehicle a breeze.

On the fixed end of the strap, we've integrated our adjustable combo axle strap, to make it easy to tie down to A-arms or through your wheels. It can even be used as a straight pull hook-to-hook.

Strong and Dependable

Mac's UTV (Side by Side) Tie Down Pack includes four 8 foot long straps, each rated to a 5,000 lb Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS), giving you plenty of safety margin.

Macs uses the highest quality strap material available, significantly improving chafing and UV resistance over "standard" straps.

*Comes in blue as seen*

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