-New SIX12 Side Mirrors come with an amber backlight that can be used as an accent running light or connected to any XTC Turn Signal System to be used as a turn signal indicator. 

-The driving lights are a custom assembly direct from Rigid Industries featuring a high output light exclusively for XTC. The Broad/Spot Optic provides an evenly distributed pattern of light that’s powerful enough to use as a standalone light yet pairs amazingly with any forward-facing light bar or set of spotlights for the perfect amount of nighttime offroad light coverage. 

-A Plug and Play wiring harness is included with a custom XTC Mirror Lights Rocker Switch that activates the main lights. The set comes with AXIA Alloys cage clamps that allow for a sleek install with maximum grip.

Light Specs:

  • 1.7 Amp Draw @ 14 Vdc
  • 24 Watts
  • 2880 Raw Lumens ea.
  • Broad Spot Pattern
  • Amber Backlit LEDs
  • IP68 Complaint
  • For Offroad Use Only

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