GEN2 X3 Dual Battery Kit is designed to give you better control over your batteries and works much better with a Stator type charging system.  The system has been reconfigured to give you a Low Voltage Disconnect that will keep both batteries combined (in parallel) until the system sees 12.0 volts on your starting (engine) battery.  When the system sees 12.0 volts is will disconnect the batteries and only allow your lights, stereo and other accessories to run off your Auxiliary (2nd) battery.  When you start your X3 and the system sees charging voltage (12.8 volts and above) for 1-2 minutes the batteries will then be combined so they can both be charged by the stator.

This is a completely pre-wired X3 Dual Battery Kit. It includes a 6 ga. Power and 6 ga. Ground cables from each battery and integrated charging circuits that will keep the batteries charged when the vehicle is running but separated when there is no charging voltage present. The Accessory circuit from your Accessory Battery is fused with a 150 amp MIDI fuse holder at the Battery to protect your vehicle. This dual battery kit includes everything you need to properly add a secondary battery to your X3 to power to your lights, radios and any accessories. By isolating all your lights and accessories from your starting battery you can avoid being stranded due to a dead or drained battery.

*ONLY Fits can-am X3*

*NOTE: Factory Battery Upgrade Kit is SOLD SEPARATELY 

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